Tianjin Kepler Vehicle Industry Co.,Ltd founded in year 2015 and is wholly-owned subsidiaries of Tianjin Fuji-Ta group. Kepler has two production bases and covers an area of 200 acres land, we produces efficiently and quickly relying on abundant resource support in the north of China, the products can enter different countries and regions smoothly with the help of Capital Airport, Tianjin Airport and Port of Tianjin. 

Kepler with the technically classic automated production base can meet different demands of various markets all over the world, with high-end assembling production line can also meet the demands of high-end production in the international market, strict quality assurance system makes the production meet different quality requirement from different markets. Kepler is keeping deepening products with scientized, intelligentized and humanized in order to make first-class manufacturer of products for old people and handicapped all over the world.

Kepler is keeping improving because of high level designing and detectability, impeccable quality guarantee system and keeping rapid pace in transition and promotion step by step, our target is to be the benchmark in this field and leading Kepler brand to be well known all over the world.

To make networking as our strategic direction and integrity as core competitiveness, in order to make a new E-commerce platform, in othe words, we are going to be an international brand and well known in E-commerce platform with the driving of Internet.

Kepler is not wait, stop and hesitation with the market competition and the challenge of the era of knowledge economy. The development objective of Kepler is to realize one first-rate, two foremost, in other words, we are going to make product manufacturing and technology with first-class level in the world with the help of professional team, precise management and classic equipment,  no matter past now or the future, everyone in Kepler is going to create his own value here.

Kepler is here to change the world !